Infrared sauna cabin Health Mate®

Burn calories and relax at the same time :)

Have you heard of the infrared sauna Health Mate® ?

The temperature (50°) in this infrared sauna Health Mate® comfortable and the effect is greater because the infrared rays act directly on your body and help to eliminate all the toxins through perspiration.

Not only do you eliminate toxins, you also burn calories.

Your body calms down, your muscles relax and you feel reborn after just one session.

Infrared sauna cabin Health Mate® at La Vaulx Renard

More information

1 - To heat or not to heat?

a. Either you like to feel the heat increase

b. Or you prefer to feel the temperature as you enter: preheating time 15 to 20 '.

2) Choose the ideal temperature: 45 to 55°.

  1. sit comfortably for half an hour or more (if you want even greater results for your muscles and joints) and take a warm or hot shower

During the first 4 weeks, use the sauna a maximum of 3 times a week.

From the 5th week onwards, you can switch to daily use, although 2 or 3 times is enough to enjoy all the health benefits of an infrared sauna.

Close the door, take some time for yourself with your music (Bluetooth) and/or a book and forget all your worries.

Choose the LED colour according to the results you want:

  • RED = increases physical energy, vitality, stamina, temperament, spontaneity, stability, passion

  • ORANGE = stimulates creativity, productivity, pleasure, optimism, enthusiasm, emotional expression

  • YELLOW = Reinforces cheerfulness, humour, radiance, personal strength, intelligence, logic, creativity

  • GREEN = Supports balance, harmony, love, communication, social character, acceptance

  • INDIGO BLUE = Enhances calm, love, affability, truthfulness, inner peace, depth of emotion, dedication

  • VIOLET = Stimulates intuition, imagination, unlimited currents, meditation, artistic qualities

50/hour - shower included (towel to be taken by you)

Booking is essential. Sophie - 0476/27 50 32

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Infrared sauna cabin at La Vaulx Renard

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